6YE doll Brand introduction

6yedoll (Chinese name: Liuye / formerly 6YEdoll) is a professional manufacturer of real doll factory in China, our factory has a variety of doll models, premium quality, affordable price and a wide choice.

























































6YEDOLL Advantages.
Made of high-grade TPE or non-toxic silicone (internationally known as virtual skin).

The appearance is realistic, soft and resilient, with a feel and texture close to that of a real human being.

∙ The interior is assembled with stainless steel metal bones, universal spherical joints, fibreglass accessories and various mechanical parts, so the limbs are very flexible

∙ Correct vaginal/anal placement allows easy access from behind the doll.

Can shrug shoulders, hold dog in position by placing stiff wrists on hands and feet to do this; change according to personal preference, make-up, hairstyle, growing tongue, etc.

The entire team is diligent and the above points provide the best service for customer satisfaction and all orders are dispatched as soon as possible in a well-equipped condition.

Process production plant
We welcome you to join the 6Ye Doll community. To become an authorised dealer, you must meet the following requirements.
▪ Your business is physically based outside mainland China.

∙ Be a legitimate business entity (with an official business licence issued by the respective authorities)

∙ Own a physical shop, an online retail website or a wholesale business for adult products.

If you do not currently own a related business but are interested in approaching local adult products, you are welcome to join us. Provide excellent customer service.

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