AI Sex Doll Could Be Post-Russo-Ukrainian War Psychiatrists

Currently, the Russo-Ukrainian War is in full swing, Russo-Ukrainian War refugees will generally suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and there will be a serious lack of medical resources. For example, in the Syrian war, many refugees lost due to the trauma caused by the war. They lost their families, relatives and friends, destroyed their homes, and most of them had psychological problems. Recently, with the help of a startup company in the United States, some Syrian refugees communicated with sex robots equipped with AI chips, and the results were amazing.















sex robots, also known as AI sex dolls. At present, people think that it wants to replace humans. Originally, the biggest obstacle was that it is not human after all, but who would have thought that in the field of psychotherapy, the fatal disadvantage of “not human” has become the biggest advantage of sex dolls.

The AI ​​devices that can talk have ranged from early technological products with unknown concepts, experimental computer programs, to Apple’s Siri that amazes the world, to the concept products such as home assistants and smart housekeepers rushing to the market in the past 1 or 2 years. It can be said that it has witnessed the rapid growth of related technologies in this field. However, in addition to breaking into the consumer market, AI sex dolls also show great potential in another unexpected field, that is, psychological counseling and psychotherapy.

A team composed of famous university psychologists and artificial intelligence engineers has launched a chat program called Woebot, which can chat with users who suffer from mental disorders, track mood fluctuations, and provide videos, crossword puzzles, etc. Activities to adjust and transfer the patient’s emotions. Because of Woebot’s close-fitting, on-call nature, the developers claim that using Woebot may even result in better therapeutic outcomes than human counselors.

Compared with going to a psychiatrist or seeking help from a psychologist, the biggest advantage of AI sex dolls is that they can remove the psychological barriers of patients when they reveal their hearts. “They allow you to open your mind and speak freely,” said the technologist involved in the research and development. “Communications between people are prone to ambiguity, and patients are afraid of other people’s eyes and labels.”

That is to say, the biggest innate advantage of AI sex dolls is that it is just a combination of silicone, steel, and a string of algorithms. It has no blood or flesh. It can listen to patients’ most private and deepest thoughts without criticism. . This is not an intuitive guess, but a research-proven result.

As early as 2014, the Advanced Research Projects Agency funded a study to create a robot called “Ellie” and asked 239 subjects to be divided into two groups to talk to “Ellie” respectively. The researchers told one group in advance that Ellie was 100 percent robotic, and the other group was told that Ellie was being manipulated by humans, but in fact, each subject’s conversation partner was randomly determined on the spot. The results of the experiment found that the subjects who thought they were talking to the robot were franker and more willing to open their hearts, which meant that the “human” factor became a hindrance in psychotherapy.

AI sex dolls have the ability to comfort people, and the huge business opportunities behind them will soon be felt by new entrepreneurs. In addition to our ESDOLL sex doll factory and other robot businesses in R&D and manufacturing, the emerging industry is also ready to grab this market. Perhaps soon, there will be another psychiatrist in the occupational program replaced by “artificial man”.

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