American Couple Custom Real Doll From Photos Of Dead Daughter

Peter, is a well-known sex toy tester in the United States. The content of his work is that the real doll factory sends him the latest products. He writes a review article to inform the real doll factory of the areas that need to be improved and the experience that consumers can feel. At present, it seems to be doing well from the reading volume of a few people at the beginning to the recommendation volume in units of 100,000, he has achieved a lot of success in this special industry.

He told the editor of ESDOLL that the real doll factories and customers who came to him for evaluation were all kinds, and it was not surprising that any requests were not surprising except Mr. David.

About a year ago, Mr. Dawei approached him and was very interested in Peter’s article on sex dolls, and they went back and forth on the chat software. And Mr. Dawei’s demand is a customized real doll, every detail needs to be made according to personal ideas.

During the conversation, Mr. Dawei sent a photo without any hesitation, looking like a young girl, and he asked for a size of about 1 meter. Peter didn’t think much about it, and he didn’t want to ask more about the privacy of the guests. He just thought that Mr. Dawei liked small sex dolls.

In the sharing circle of chat software, we saw Mr. Dawei’s appearance. He stood on the golf course, with silver-framed glasses and a sincere smile on his face, the collar of a white polo shirt, and a neat mid-part. The contrast between the surface and the private makes people remember him quickly.

After the photo was provided to the factory, the manufacturer started the mold making with a normal heart, but the factory engineer needed Mr. Dawei to provide proof of the relationship with the girl in the photo before officially entering the appearance production. The factory invited him to the factory to accept the basic framework, and then start the next step after confirming that there is no problem.

In the afternoon, Mr. Dawei drove to my studio. Unexpectedly, he also brought his wife to see it! When he saw the half-finished product, he immediately picked up the love doll and said it was much heavier than he thought. The factory explained that there is a steel frame like a human bone inside, and also said how to adjust the center of gravity, it will be easier to hold, but Mrs. Luo cried halfway through, Mr. Dawei quickly put down the doll and brought his wife into the car to comfort him. After a while Then came in alone.

“The doll we wanted to order was actually our deceased daughter.”

A car accident a few years ago made their 10-year-old daughter leave them, and the couple could not accept it for a long time. One day, Mr. Dawei saw the introduction of a lifelike realistic love doll on the Internet, so he discussed with his wife that he wanted to order his daughter to go home. At first, his wife objected, but he nodded after communication.

Later, the doll was ready soon, and the two couples also took them home to take care of them. From time to time, they would see in the circle group that Mr. Dawei and Mrs. Luo shared photos of carefully dressing up their daughter.

Through this story, we can actually understand that there are more consumers who buy sex dolls and go home now than imagined. Peter also said that his peers and his own side have more than 100 output per month, and he does not use other channels. Know how many more. And buying sex dolls is not what everyone thinks. More customers buy real dolls to go home to give themselves spiritual support.

Many engineers, doctors, or senior executives of the company have no chance to meet the opposite sex because of the long working hours and the working environment. Wait for them, listen to them talk and complain. This phenomenon is actually not bad. Quoting a professor, they can use the real doll as a staged exercise to prepare themselves before entering the next stage and learn how to get along with the opposite sex.

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