Analysis of odour and safety issues with Lovedoll TPE materials.

Some users ask: Is the smell of human dolls toxic? Is it harmful to the human body? Based on years of industry experience with TPE materials related to human dolls, the author interprets the smell of human dolls and whether it is harmful from a professional perspective.
















Due to a variety of factors, people are increasingly alternative in their pursuit of a pleasurable life in today’s society. An obvious example is that in recent years real dolls have become increasingly popular in the adult toy market, both at home and abroad. The materials used to make human dolls were initially made of silicone and also PVC. Based on cost, processing and recycling considerations, people have gradually reduced the use of silica gel, while soft PVC has gradually disappeared from the doll market due to its strong odour and possibly toxic plasticisers. Today, TPE is the most commonly used material for love dolls. This article will mainly discuss the odour of human dolls made of TPE material and whether it is toxic to the human body.

Love doll material TPE is a type of polymeric rubber and plastic material with a very soft hardness similar to human skin and is a blend of multi-component materials. It mainly contains thermoplastic styrene-butadiene elastomers and hydraulic oil and, in order to create a realistic effect close to that of the human body, toners, compatibilisers and fragrances are usually introduced to adjust the colour and odour of the material. With regard to the main ingredients of the human doll material – thermoplastic styrene-butadiene elastomer and operating oil – those familiar with the TPE industry should know that these ingredients are relatively environmentally friendly, do not contain phthalate plasticisers and are PAH-free. NPs, do not contain bisphenol A, do not contain heavy metal substances and are not allergenic to human skin.

Choice of toner with regard to materials. This is generally not a problem. Human dolls are only in contact with the human body, which can be achieved by using non-toxic and tasteless toners.

Another thing to mention is the addition of fragrance. The addition of essence is primarily about removing the taste of the material itself, while at the same time creating an atmosphere of erotic activity. Flavours can be divided into natural and synthetic flavours. Natural flavours are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but are more costly. Synthetic flavours may be more concentrated, but are mostly chemically synthesised, so there is no guarantee that they will not cause side effects or harm to the human body.

Therefore, with regard to TPE sex doll odour toxicity and harm to the human body. This has a lot to do with the choice of raw materials and materials by the doll manufacturers. Superior operating oils, excellent colourants, natural flavours and processed human dolls are used, which have a pleasant, natural, low odour. However, with inferior manipulation oils, low quality colourants, artificial flavours and other materials, finished sex dolls generally have a strong and intense odour.

The magnitude of the sex doll’s odour depends on the choice of essence and operating oil. Dolls made with high quality oils and natural flavours are naturally non-toxic and safe. However, dolls with poor quality operating oil and poor quality artificial flavouring as raw material may have a strong odour, have no quality guarantee and have no known harm to the human body after long-term use. TPEs with the hardness of human skin have the odour of hydraulic oil to some extent. If the quality of the oil used is poor, the odour will be more distinct. Some low-quality hydraulic oils even have the unpleasant odour of diesel oil.

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