Are you still using the airplane cup?

A big event in the industry happened recently, and that is the Shanghai International Adult Exhibition. Although I was absent from the scene. But the biggest experience according to my last visit to the show is that people now have a much greater demand for sex toys than you might think. People of all shapes and sizes, from the young to the middle-aged and elderly, span a wide age range, and the pursuit of sexual pleasure seems to have become a new trend.















As a veteran driver who has experienced a variety of erotic products, the different kinds of erotic toys have been relatively easy to use.

1„ÄĀEating the tasteless airplane cup
My love for airplane cups was once overwhelming. Even friends are also advising long years single me, “you can long heart it, save some money to spend effort to find a girl, to solve the problem from the source, can have a girl good?”
If I have not tasted the forbidden fruit, I will feel that the plane cup is better than the girl. The stimulation comes quickly and can be controlled with one hand. But then I found that the plane cup has simply can not meet me, there is a kind of tasteless feeling. The face of the plane cup I probably went through several periods: fresh period, fascination period, no feeling period.

2, reject the mechanical repetition of the experience
A lot of newcomers to the cool point of understanding is that as long as the ammunition is launched out, OK, cool is also that momentary thing. In fact, in the process of exercise is far more important than the results, learn to enjoy the process of snapping will allow you to have a better sense of experience. How can I enjoy the experience? I summed up the very key points: be flexible and fancy, have fantasy, and have a sense of authenticity.

My former ex thought PK matches were optional, and her indifference once made me think I couldn’t do it. Each PK match took the traditional position pose, the same action repeated I do not know how many times. Every time I want to use a new way, she always “cruelly” refused, and over time I lost interest in her. Now the same old cup is not what I want.

Now, the sex doll has replaced it as my best companion and is far better than the cup in terms of experience. The market has a variety of airplane cups, but a good experience is often hundreds of dollars, not cost-effective, and generally a single function, can not raise the fantasy experience is not good.

The sex doll through the real 1 to 1 inverted model, made and human simulation body, the head and then through the professional sculptor optimization conditioning, to make the public aesthetic favorite sex doll. and the many styles of head sculpture also provides a rich choice for the majority of users, whether you like loli, imperial girls or other types of girls, induce na doll can meet your different fantasies. In this regard, I am confident that the doll will blow a new round of erotic storm, without having to experience the repetition of tasteless airplane cup.

3, this is our gospel
When consumer demand reaches a certain level, the market will update the iteration of the corresponding needs of the erotic toys, I always believe this point. Even if sex doll is not cheap in price, but this kind of toys for us, is the necessity of life.

sex doll to meet people’s sexual fantasies as the core concept of the product. The design concept of seduction Na is: we are to make a product that can carry emotional attachment, so that people are physically and mentally happy, not just a cold simulation of the mannequin.

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