Differences in the skin material of sex dolls.

Sex dolls used to be mostly made of silicone, but in recent years soft TPE materials have gradually taken over the main market for love dolls. So how do you choose the skin material touch? The first material is silicone and then TPE materials are also made …









































1. silicone material:.

Silicone is the most common material as human skin, not only has excellent touch, but also obvious heat resistance effect, but the cost is relatively high due to the complex processing technology of silicone materials. Silica gel is biocompatible, non-irritating, non-toxic, non-allergenic and has almost no body rejection. Therefore, there are still significant advantages in making physical dolls. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, it retains the elasticity and softness of the original material when in contact with bodily fluids and tissues and does not deteriorate. It is a fairly stable and inert material. It can withstand high temperatures and can be sterilised. It is easy and convenient to process and mould, convenient to shape and sculpt and very easy to use.

TPE material:.
TPE material used for sex dolls is also called thermoplastic elastomer (TPE / TPR), also known as artificial rubber or synthetic rubber. Most real doll manufacturers now use TPE in the production of their dolls, and almost all mainstream body materials are made of TPE material. This material not only has the excellent material properties of conventional cross-linked vulcanised rubber, such as high elasticity, oil resistance and ageing resistance, but also offers the same convenient processing and wide range of processing properties as normal plastics.

TPE materials are artificial composites of rubber and plastic and are relatively suitable for use in the manufacture of artificial skin because they have the various properties of rubber and the various processing characteristics of plastic.

(1) Soft feel. Soft TPE materials can feel very close to real human skin. Matching a colour similar to the skin can be almost fake.

(2) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no discomfort or allergic reactions on skin contact.

(3) Excellent tactile performance and easy to adjust hardness and physical properties.

(4) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic waste is 100% recyclable. The most important point is to reduce environmental pollution.

After analysing the various advantages of the two materials in the manufacture of Real Dolls, it is now time to discuss whether all-silicone or full TPE materials are better to use.

All-silicone love dolls are not easy to use and some operations cannot be realised. This is because the range of movement is too large when some manipulations are performed. The relatively limited ductility of silicone results in some extreme cases. However, when it comes to skin and head sculpture, the detail is truly unparalleled. Therefore, there are still many players who choose all silicone or silicone doll heads.

What happens to dolls made of TPE material? Feedback from doll owners in the group indicates that some physical dolls purchased from some manufacturers have poor oil management and high oil yields. This is also determined by the nature of the TPE material. Different people have different experiences of oil production and oil management, and different manufacturers handle oil differently. For example, physical dolls such as www.hiasu.com use a number of oil management methods to reduce oil production rates to relatively low levels and are very appropriate in terms of these details. In addition, due to their excellent ductility, extreme situations such as rupture do not occur when using sturdy dolls.

After analysing real dolls made of the two materials, many people who like dolls know that. Some of the better ways to play with dolls nowadays are dolls with TPE headbands and silicone love dolls. With this combination, the doll not only has a more delicate head sculpted face, but also a softer TPE body.

Click here for a comparison of these materials. We hope this helps everyone when buying a doll.

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