Dressing guide, how to choose clothes for sex doll?

We know that sex doll is made of silica gel and TPE. During the production process, it is often necessary to add silicone oil and other auxiliary materials to keep the material soft. But this also led to the existence of oil leakage, so dolls can not wear various types of clothes at will to prevent staining or damage.




























So will you choose clothes for sex doll? The so-called “people depend on clothes, and beauty depends on beautiful clothes”. Even if people are not so beautiful and handsome, wearing appropriate clothes will add a little charm. This principle also applies to sex doll.
No matter what dress you choose for sex doll, it is beautiful. Different styles will show different personalities and feelings. But what kind of clothes sex doll wears and how to wear them gracefully should be paid attention to:
First, before dressing, apply a layer of talcum powder (talcum powder) on the surface of sex doll, which will make the doll look more realistic, reduce the stickiness of silicone /tpe material, and make it easier to wear clothes.
Second, please don’t wear colorful clothes. Because silicone /tpe is oily, once dyed, the color will not be easily washed away, so it is best to wear white, light pink or flesh colored clothes, which is very important. Sex doll is most afraid of dyeing.
Third, clothes that are too tight, long sleeved and one-piece are not suitable for sex doll. They are not easy to wear, and over wrapping or squeezing the surface will cause the doll’s surface to sag, so it is not recommended to buy.
Fourth, clothes with sharp corners or ornaments should not be worn. For example, small ornaments such as brooches, sequins and chains are in danger of scratching the doll.

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