Escape from the real world? Life stories with 12 sex doll lives

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After two failed marriages, a 58 year old American now lives with 12 sex dolls. His daughter recognizes his behavior and ideas, and even names, dresses and celebrates his birthday with him.
Dean, 58, owns sex dolls with 12 human proportions. He also buys clothes, makeup and birthday gifts for the 12 dolls he considers “friends”. Ryan, 20, is dean’s daughter. It is reported that Dean left women in real life three years ago and “lived” with his sex doll. Now, when Leonardo comes home, she also helps Dean make up and dress his 12 sex dolls.
















“Some people may find my behavior creepy, but I didn’t hurt anyone,” Dean said “Although my father didn’t hurt anyone, I know these behaviors are crazy. For example, when I got home,” Dolly “was lying on the sofa watching TV,” Athena “was making tea in the kitchen, and the blonde” Sarah “upstairs was reading.
Dean said, “when my first sex doll Sarah showed up, I wouldn’t use it as a sex toy in a few hours.” Dean often separated his doll, exchanged “head” and “body”, and apologized to the doll for his behavior.
Dean said that he initially bought these sex dolls as his own photographic models, but now these sex dolls have become “good friends” in his life.
Dean bought the dolls from various manufacturers online. “I can afford it. My house has no mortgage, and I have a pension.” Dean said so.

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