Experts say: sex doll should have “human rights” to prevent them from being violated

A social ethics expert said that companion robots should have the right to prevent themselves from being violated.





In an article in the magazine dialogue, Victoria Brooks, a law lecturer at the University of Westminster, suggested that we need to change our view of companion robots.
The reason why she said this was because at a science and Technology Fair in Austria, a companion robot named Samantha was repeatedly molested, made “filthy” and broke two fingers.
“I think most people feel a little uncomfortable after hearing what happened to Samantha,” she said
“The most important thing is that because it is a machine, we can’t turn it into another victim and heroine who survived the chance encounter, and let ourselves’ get out of trouble ‘just to make it happen again.”
“Yes, it is a machine, but does this mean that we have reason to take aggressive and illegal actions against it?” Of course, the fact that it appears in the human image makes it a representation of the projection of human desire and a symbol of human desire in the future. ”
She mentioned in the article that in the near future, we may need to get the consent of the companion robot.
“Legally, this means that robots must be recognized as human beings,” she said
“We are making these partner robots in our image. We should not be choosy about whether to treat our partner well, even when we choose to establish a relationship outside the” norm. ”
She believes that instead of making laws for companion robots, we should develop a code of ethics for cross species relationships.
She added: “our kindness and compassion for Samantha may be a good start.”

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