how a sex doll can put a smile in your face this coming Xmas

Why you don’t need to be alone this coming holidays and how a doll can put a smile in your face this coming Xmas

Tony, an old customer shares his experience about how he spent the last holidays with his sex doll

As you probably know by now, sex dolls are an important part of my life and I pretty much don’t know how my life would’ve been without the charming Jasmine by my side. And as a sex doll enthusiast, I like digging into practical topics that revolve around incorporating a sex doll into your day to day life and actually making it work.

Contrary to popular opinion, I was raised in a Christian home with a set of strict disciplinarian parents. I actually hated the idea of using one leave alone having it in my house- I know I’m not alone. But thanks to self-awareness and maintained efforts by sex doll designers to improve their quality and functionality, there are numerous options available and sex doll buyers are spoilt for choice.

From the inflatable clones that had very little to offer to what are now realistic, life-size sex dolls, I must say I’m lucky to have experienced the transition. The inclusion of lifelike silicone and TPE materials was a major move that would see sex doll designers produce one of the most realistic novelties the world has ever seen. Other inclusions such as the movable joints and full-body skeletons also made the experience more relatable as the dolls could now mimic human movements during sex.

And if you haven’t still made the decision on whether to go ahead and skinny dip in this ocean of wild fun, hang on, I’m coming for you…

Most people who are hesitant about getting a sex doll are either held up by the thought of spending a few hundred bucks on a sex doll or choking on the ‘societal values’ cord. I also had a problem making the decision to go all out and part ways with a portion of my account balance. But if you want my honest opinion on whether it was the right thing to do, I’ll be real with you- everything about it was WORTH IT! I’ve had my sex doll for close to two years and never have I thought of the cost incurred but rather the myriad of benefits enjoyed.

In fact, it seems like every day is a new experience with Jasmine! My Jasmine.

On the ‘societal values’ front though, I think it all depends on the individual. As said earlier, I was brought up in a reserved family by two strict parents, and look at me now- enjoying life with a 5ft4’ H-Cup voluptuous sex doll and taking you through the experience. What a rebel. You must be thinking!

I attribute the obsession for sex dolls to my hunger for information as well as the recent developments that have made the dolls super realistic. I have always researched on intriguing topics to get clarity and the sex doll issue was one that I spent a fair share of my teenage years delving deep.

So, away from the harsh ‘societal norms’ and tricky economic decision, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t have a sex doll. There are numerous benefits of having one and hardly any shortcomings. From offering an ideal alternative, especially for people who’ve gone through tragic experiences like losing a loved one, to inducing a new wave of fun and excitement to your sex life, you can never go wrong with these immaculate beings.

And now that we’ve pretty much looked into the development of sex dolls and why you need one, let’s focus on how you can spend the holidays with one.

Remember, you don’t have to be alone this year! A realistic sex doll can offer you company and help you enjoy the holidays just like everybody else. Especially for Christmas and Halloween holidays, which are mostly spent indoor (at least for me), rummaging a few ideas on how to integrate your sex doll and enjoy the day together will hurt no one.













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