How to distinguish between high quality and poor quality sex doll? These points are very important

The security of sex doll is very important. At present, the crude and secondary material sex doll in the market has exceeded the Seiko and raw material sex doll, which is a worrying problem. Many buyers who do not know about sex dolls can easily buy sex dolls of poor quality. For this reason, the editor shares some basic methods on how to distinguish between good and bad sex dolls:
























Material of sex doll:
The high-quality sex doll material is medical silica gel or TPE, which has good elasticity, high hardness, milky color, good surface smoothness and more realistic appearance; The doll made of inferior materials has a stiff hand feel, poor elasticity, dark skin color, slight blackening or yellowing, sticky touch, unsmooth and looks unreal.
Smell of sex doll:
The high-quality raw material sex doll has a light fragrance, some do not, but almost no flavor, while the defective sex doll has a strong fragrance, or is similar to the chewing gum smell, and the serious smell may lead to respiratory diseases.
Features of sex doll:
High quality sex doll has a long service life and can be used repeatedly without problems. However, dolls made in small workshops will have many quality problems such as cracking, makeup removal, deformation, and even become disposable products after being used for one or more times.
Health and safety of sex doll:
High quality sex doll is generally made of non-toxic molecular materials, which will not have any negative impact on the human body. Sex doll with poor quality is generally made of ordinary plastic, which will have a negative impact on the human body and may have stronger side effects. High quality sex doll generally has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, health and safety, high permeability, anti yellowing, long service life, physiological inertia, anti biological aging, etc., while poor quality sex doll does not have these advantages.
Price difference of sex doll:
High quality sex doll has industry standards. Sellers need to purchase through formal and legal channels, and strictly manage the distribution of subordinates. In addition, creative mold opening, materials, processes, etc., the price is slightly higher than that of imitations; The poor quality sex doll is mostly the imitation of high-quality dolls. The similarity is not lifelike enough, and it is a multi-channel random distribution. Therefore, don’t just buy a sex doll from an unproven and informal low-cost channel.

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