Is having a sex doll an emotional cheat?

Sex dolls are used to promote sexual intercourse and masturbation. Some sex dolls are made to the buyer’s specifications, including body type, eye color, lip color, skin tone, and other fine details. They usually have penetration holes that men utilize. Sex dolls have become well known and accepted by people.


























Recently, however, it has been discovered that there are more uses for sex dolls than just sex. Sex dolls are used as companions and even as partners. For most people, sex dolls are used for more than just sex. They see sex dolls as friends and companions to help ease their loneliness.
There are stories of people who use their sex dolls as their companions rather than humans. According to them, love dolls cannot lie to them, hurt them or nag them, so it is easier to deal with sex dolls than with humans. They claim that unlike humans who stress, judge and complain, nothing can go wrong with sex dolls. For those (men), sex dolls are a completely submissive, harmless and silent species. They make them feel like they are always in control of the relationship and they never question their authority.
On the other hand, Asian sex dolls help people to stop feeling alone. Today, sex dolls are made of silicone and other materials that make them feel warm and soft, and people can hug or cuddle them. They also look like humans, and their weight and height make them feel like humans. This makes it possible for people to see them as friends, not just sex dolls. Having them around, lying down together, and cuddling them at night will make people feel more comfortable with them, in addition to increasing sexual desire.
Is having a sex doll an emotional cheat – Misodore
People who have to be alone, whether because of long distance relationships or singleness, seem to find solace in sex dolls. Since hearing a partner’s voice on the phone or seeing their face on a video call is no substitute for physical contact, sex dolls go a long way toward effectively bridging that gap.
In recent years, many people have developed an emotional bond with sex dolls. We heard of one man who allegedly exchanged wedding rings with his sex doll and dated the doll for over a decade, and who may not have been able to maintain such a long-term relationship with a woman that he decided to turn to BBW sex dolls.

Heartbroken people often order sex dolls that look exactly like their former or deceased partners (for those who have lost their partners). This has been proven to help them recover from the trauma and depression they usually experience. Seeing sexy dolls that have been carefully crafted to look like their former partner with their physical features such as skin color, lip color, eye color, height, body type, build, height, and even special physical defects such as moles, wrinkles, belly fat, and stretch marks can make them feel better. Although these dolls can’t do all the things their previous partners did, seeing them and petting them will make them feel closer to their previous partners and gradually miss them less.
Is Having a Sex Doll an Emotional Deception – Misodore
The question of whether sex dolls can be emotionally deceiving was answered strongly in the negative. If the person using the sex doll is obsessed with them, or is unable to maintain a peaceful relationship with another person, then doll ownership may be marked as emotional deception. However, since the opposite is true, possession of sex dolls can never be considered emotional deception.
Although some people may be emotionally attached to their sex dolls, there is no question of deception because sex doll owners know that their sex dolls are sex toys that look and feel like humans. In addition, people who own and use sex dolls are fully aware of the limited capacity of the Miisodoll.
It is also clear what sex doll production companies use sex dolls for. They are for sexual purposes and to relieve loneliness. What more could a man want? The basic package has all the functions in one, so it does not create any special problems

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