Lecture|History of the sex doll, Japan and European countries to promote the development of the doll

Although there are many stories and studies on sex dolls that prove that sex dolls date back as far as the 8th century, it was not until the 16th century that the most primitive versions of the sex doll were invented by Spanish and French sailors. these dolls served as the perfect companion for sailors who were isolated on long sea voyages because they found that, in some ways, it could satisfy their basic needs – both emotionally and physically.















In the late 17th century, Dutch sailors adapted this humble doll prototype by hand-sewing masturbation dolls from tattered fabric. The dolls received an enthusiastic response from sailors in Spain, France, Germany and other countries.

“Made from tattered fabric and old clothes, these dolls are a direct image of today’s realistic companion robots and sex dolls.”


The Japanese “Dutch Wife”

Thanks to the Dutch sailors of the 17th century, sex dolls were very popular in Japanese society. Most of these dolls were hand-sewn from soft leather, and much of the Japanese interest in humanoid dolls has to do with this. It is attributed to the fact that at that time, it was very easy to make these humanoid dolls or leather dolls and people could make them without paying a big price. To this day, most Japanese still refer to modern sex dolls as “Dutch wives”, which explains the history and popularity of sex dolls in Japan.


Germany – the birthplace of the commercial sex doll

In the 1950s, the first commercially available full-size 1:1 live doll appeared. Many people can think that the first commercial sex doll country is Germany, of course this may be related to the infamous Hitler, but for the time being it is still inconclusive.

The picture of this sexy and fashionable doll is imitating a famous comic character “Lilli” made at the time, at that time it can not “use”, it was named ” Bild Lilli “, and launched in 1955, and until 1964 to officially stop production.

The sex doll enters the United States

In the 1960s, the sale of adult toys and adult products through the mail became legal in the United States. It was then that many adult magazines began to run their first advertisements about them.

By 1980, adult dolls were available at most local adult stores. Although at the time they were still only inflatable and barely reusable. These inflatables could only hold a certain amount of weight; in short, they were not suitable for people of all sizes and needs. However, because of some active demand, they remain in steady supply today.

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