Made in Guangdong! Artificial intelligence accesssex doll industry

In Dongguan, Guangdong Province, industrial areas, bright labels stand on high. In the factory of Shu Rui Bao, the salesman is introducing the production process of sex doll on the assembly line for the customers, and a “human” wrapped in transparent plastic bags and blankets is shipped out of the warehouse and packed into cardboard boxes together with well-dressed “heads”, wigs and clothes The “man” was shipped out of the warehouse with the elaborate costume “head”, wig and clothes together in cardboard boxes and sent to all over the country.

In the highly competitive simulation of humanoid sex doll manufacturing field, Dongguan firmly occupies the first place in the national sex doll sales market, in the country and the world have a pivotal position.















These sex doll feel like a real person

After pouring dozens of pounds of humanoid model body from the mold, workers move it to the workbench, using scissors to cut off both sides of the protruding mold lines, ironed with a soldering iron; then put into the cleaning area with shower gel to clean and dry, powdered and moved to the semi-finished products area. The series of operations take a long time, and even experienced employees can only handle one and a half dolls in a morning.

In the semi-finished area, workers use prepared foundation, blush and eye shadow to apply makeup to the dolls. In addition, cotton and plastic eyeballs are filled into the eye openings, false eyelashes are put on, and then brushes are used to draw the shape of the eyebrows, a step that takes about 40 minutes to an hour.

Cleaning, wiping, makeup, nail and hair implants, each step is as meticulous as taking care of a real person. In order to meet the individual needs of more people, the factory offers 3-5 skin tones, multiple face shapes and over 10 body types so that customers can freely combine them according to their preferences. Of course, details such as pupil color, nail color and facial makeup are also included.

Through close observation can be found that the surface of these sex doll, regardless of size, structure and appearance, are simulating the texture of real skin. The upgraded version of the doll even buried heating wires to ensure that the body temperature is maintained at about 37 degrees, and has the softness, elasticity and visual sense of real human skin.

Made in Guangdong:No. 1 in market sales

“Yes, there are multiple face shapes to choose from. Yes, eye color, makeup, hairstyle, and body type can be personalized according to the template. No, no, using a real portrait is an infringement.” E-commerce customer service can need enough to handle countless questions from customers every day, and currently the brand flagship store of Shuribo can reach 100 sales per month, with prices ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 yuan per doll.

In the impression of most people, sex doll is still “adult products” after all, is a small area that is ashamed to talk about publicly. The factory produces about 1,000 dolls per month, with half of the orders from abroad and half from within, and in the heated discussion of various doll fans and word-of-mouth from users, Shuripo has become synonymous with “JK doll” in the domestic JK style simulation sex doll.

A report by the First Financial Business Data Center shows that the market size of China’s erotic products will exceed 130 billion yuan in 2020, and the Internet retail market size will exceed 60 billion yuan by virtue of its privacy and convenience advantages, and is expected to exceed 50% soon in the future. By provincial sales data, Guangdong has been occupying the turnover chief.

As one of the high-end areas of the sex doll market is also expanding year by year. This is a new opportunity brought about by the development of e-commerce and the wave of “Internet +” entrepreneurship. Public information shows that in the past five years alone, there are more than 50 sex-related industry startups have received more than 8 billion yuan of financing.

New market trends: from pure sex doll to artificial intelligence doll

With the further elimination of stereotypical prejudices of domestic dolls, the industry will also face greater challenges development opportunities. Mouth, eyes and eyebrows will move, they can flexibly respond to the daily “teasing”, the combination of beauty and artificial intelligence sex doll has become the star product in the field of simulation doll.

With the rise of the concept of artificial intelligence in recent years, there are some robots on the market, artificial intelligence technology is very good, but the shape is not a real human form. So sex doll has an advantage in human shape, can the technology and shape organic combination?

The sex doll robot can communicate with the outside world through an intelligent voice system. Due to the program embedded in the search database, “she” can also be real-time information, including the day’s news, weather, etc.. This is not only a passive toy, but also a lively companion, with interactive feedback and spiritual companionship.

Even if the current technically immature, such as slow response, inaccurate recognition. But a new generation of artificial intelligence sex doll is in the process of development, configured with more advanced voice systems for more precise control of facial expressions, or machine parts mass-produced to significantly reduce lower production costs. Its target market is also not limited to the current market of adult products. In the future, it will gradually enter the field of elderly and home intelligence.

Another target for AI dolls will be to take care of the disabled and silver hair care. china is entering an aging society and the demand for AI robots will increase. The wave of artificial intelligence has just begun, and relying on Guangdong’s good manufacturing base, it may be possible to explore some different possibilities in the humanoid simulation application scenario.

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