Man Buys ‘Silicone Sex Doll’ As Wife After Divorce

I believe everyone knows that many Japanese men don’t like to get married. They like to stay at home. There are many Japanese otakus who have many different ideas, but the same thing is that they all like to play games and read comics, and otaku also like silicone Sex dolls, for example, after a man got divorced, he spent 2000USD to buy a “silicone sex doll” and regarded realistic life size sex doll as his wife. A year later, the uncle felt that he could not live without this sex doll in his life.






































This Japanese uncle has been married for many years, and the child is about to divorce, but his wife has always longed for freedom and did not want to take care of the uncle. Over time, the relationship between the two became estranged and finally ended in divorce. Soon after, the uncle felt very depressed and even doubted his life. Once he found ESDOLL selling silicone sex dolls on the Internet, he bought a silicone sex doll, thinking that the doll would be able to accompany him for a long time.

Because of the long time together, the uncle’s feelings for a lifelike sex doll are true. No matter what is on his mind or what happens every day, he will tell the doll that he will take the female love doll with him even if he goes out shopping or other behaviors. The doll becomes the life of the uncle. It is an indispensable part of the doll. Now it will be very uncomfortable to sleep at night when the love doll is not around. It is conceivable how much this love doll means to the uncle.

After being together for a long time, he feels more and more dependent on her, wants to talk to her every day, buy her beautiful clothes, and treat her like a real person. He would hold her when he went to bed at night, and he would feel very down when he couldn’t see her as if he was in love. But the real doll is only a love doll. After a long time, the uncle found that something was wrong because the doll had begun to peel and turn yellow. Although the uncle felt that he could replace it with a new one, he had a deep affection for the doll and was reluctant. In the end, the uncle took the doll to repair it. Seeing this, I wonder what everyone thinks?

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