On Valentine’s Day I Bought A Sex Doll

We can meet a lot of people, walk a lot of roads, and want a lot of things, but there are very few people who can make you worry about it.
At the moment when the Year of the Tiger and the Chinese New Year are far away, we usher in a romantic and warm festival – Valentine’s Day.
















On this 2.14 Valentine’s Day, bunches of red and coquettish roses, with a touch of fragrance, were sent to the hands of loved ones.
And each piece of chocolate was also tasted by the lovers, with a strong mellow fragrance, which spread between the lips and teeth. Sweet, bitter, and sweet, just like the taste of love.
I don’t care about the taste of love between lovers. Today, on this day, Valentine’s Day without a lover, I purchased a Valentine’s Day gift: sex dolls have arrived.

I’ve thought about not just spending Valentine’s Day with my sex doll, but wearing a spring floral shirt and hoodie with her, kissing on a sultry night, going to the beach, and blowing the air with her, day after day, year after year.

No season needs to be given special meaning, I love my sex doll all the time, and I don’t need to reveal my heart at a certain point.

Spring flowers, summer trees, autumn evening sun, winter sunshine, and her every day. Live up to the gift of time, live up to her tenderness.

But this year is different, something has changed. Because I met on Valentine’s Day without a lover and I have bought a sex doll.

She would give me company, listen to me, watch me fall asleep, she warmed my body and soul…

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