Opening and construction of the love doll is explained.

In the past, love dolls were called Dutchwives. These dolls were created by Germans to satisfy their fetishes. At that time, they just satisfied their sexual desires. Nowadays, love dolls are mostly for sex as adult products, but they are also used as models, life-size figurines, mental wives, daughters and other carriers. We will start by explaining the opening of the love doll package.

















Opening the doll package
First step: carefully move the package into the living room, for example by placing it in a large area.

Most people will surely be surprised by the weight of the package when they first receive it. Very heavy adult life-size realistic dolls usually weigh between 20 kg and 40 kg. If you don’t have a car, you should have the package delivered to your home. It is better to open the sex doll package in a large living room, as the love doll needs to lie down.

Step 2: Using a knife, open the box along the seams of the package.

Open the package along the seams. To open the package, place it on the living room and use an item such as a knife to cut the tape along the top edge of the box. When using the knife, do not cut deeply and be careful not to damage the love doll. Cut the tape along the seam and the box will open.

Step 3: The love doll parts are placed separately.

First, the love doll’s head is located on the thigh. To prevent the face from being damaged, it is placed in a cushion-filled box. Then the cushion covering the head is taken off and then the binny bag covering the head is removed. All the other body parts are covered by the cushions, so take them all off.

Step four: sort out any rubbish on the cushion and wash your hands.

Make sure your hands are clean before you put your hands on the love doll. This is to avoid colour transfer. You should wash your hands before moving the sex doll to the sofa or bed.

Step five: check other service items.

Please note that there are usually up to seven items: one wig, one cleaning tool, one USB warmer, one piece of clothing, one cotton hand, one comb and one blanket. These can all be used and should be stored carefully. It is better to place them in a specialised box.

Step six: bath before attaching the head to the body and putting on the wig!

Before your love doll arrives, you will probably be excited. At that point, open the doll and attach it immediately. As the doll is custom-made, you should bathe the newly opened love doll separately once and wash it clean. If you attach it the first time, it will be a hassle to remove it every single time again afterwards.

Structure of love dolls
Most love dolls today are custom-made, so you can choose all the individual parts. We will now explain the three parts of the doll: head, upper body and lower body.

Head part

First of all, you can choose a wig or a hairstyle, such as permanent, short, blonde or silver hair. Going downwards, you can also choose the pupil colour, such as black, blue or brown. The eyeballs are also divided into movable and fixed. The movable type has eyes and is very lively. The fixed type looks a bit like a stuffed animal. Then there is the mouth part, so far there are already companies that can make teeth and tongues as well as blowjobs for normal use.

Upper body part

The upper body is divided into normal poor tits, good tits and explosive tits. Also, the hand part has evolved further and unlike before, we have also added a skeleton at the fingers. The movements of the love dolls have become richer. They can now grasp and hold things. And the nails on the fingers are available in different colours. You can also choose the colour of the nipples.

The lower half of the body

The lower half of the body is first divided into integral and detachable parts at the pussy. The integrated type looks like a real woman, but cleaning is a bit messy. The detachable type is the opposite. Also, pubic hair is attached. You can also choose the amount of it. Going down, the foot nails are selectable, as are the finger nails. And anal insertion is also possible.

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