Sex doll experience store?Sex doll industry spring is coming

The “sex doll experience store” is a huge attempt in the adult product industry, which provides “shared services” of sex doll.



















Since 2008, the first sex doll experience store named “XX music” was opened in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, after the overwhelming media coverage, capital seemed to smell the business opportunity, the concept of experience stores also like a spring breeze overnight in the adult products industry.

In addition, the epidemic since the sex doll industry orders upstream, many brands of shipments compared to the same period in previous years to achieve a doubling of growth, Shenzhen Shuripo Erotic Technology Co. in the audience and industry model are ** than the domestic. But in recent years, domestic orders show a steady growth trend, we are interested in bringing the market back together to develop the domestic market.”

Experience store this offline service model, in Europe and the United States has long appeared and have achieved good results. In China, **Easy is not to be opened, but has more than 30 million single men, so their needs how to solve it? For the total population is even less than our single men in some countries in Europe and the United States, the experience hall has achieved good results, in our country believe that there can be a big role.

Compared with the foreign experience store opening mode, the street, a lot of publicity, wide audience, no experience restrictions, etc., our “sex doll experience store” can not be rigid, to change. So what to pay attention to and how to do it?Sulrebor simulation dolls to you summarized the following points.

A, business license

sex doll experience hall temporarily no clear industry division and planning, most of the experience store to male spa store, or sex doll secondary experience store, this scope only need to the business bureau in accordance with the process to apply for a business license, but if the store also involves other adult products for sale business, it is also necessary to apply for secondary medical equipment business license.

Second, site selection

In terms of rental costs, such as the choice of commercial areas or high traffic areas store rents are too high, too much money in the initial investment, and lengthen the return cycle, not very suitable; In addition, the high degree of social acceptance, but still retains the traditional shy, shy psychology, in the treatment of sex still need enough privacy, so the store site can choose urban villages or urban and rural areas, such as places, rent Relatively cheap and certain hidden, the mobility of various people is also high enough, the priority of first-tier cities is higher than second- and third-tier cities, in addition, the vicinity of industrial areas can also be considered, which is related to the target group of experience stores.

Third, the crowd

In terms of the experience store that has been opened, the main customer groups are mainly foreign workers, which is why the above said industrial areas are also the reason for choosing a large consideration site, industrial areas are surrounded by factories, and the ratio of men to women within the factory is generally understood to be around 7:3, and these are the groups that may be transformed into customers of the experience store. Of course, there is no shortage of rich and boss, perhaps curiosity, and perhaps store positioning related.

Fourth, the product

sex doll in the product attributes belong to consumable products, so you need to find a good manufacturer products. The mainstream of the current market sex doll is mainly divided into silicone made and TPE made, the two materials in the price difference is still relatively huge. The price of silicone dolls can easily be 10,000 yuan for the initial burden of opening a store is very large, and in terms of experience is not TPE comfortable, TPE with its more reasonable price and closer to the human body’s skin feel is recommended as an experience store service products.

Five, store environment

Geographic location affects the flow of customers, while the interior and exterior design of the experience store directly shows the impression of whether the experience store is attractive to customers, which in turn affects orders and revenue. Store external decoration can be recommended to open the door to the name of the experience store, the style can choose health center or physical therapy SPA style. Store interior decoration of the need to focus on room spacing and sound insulation **, to protect the privacy of customers, in addition to many customers focus on accompanying the warm feeling, the room atmosphere of the arrangement of a great help.

Sixth, publicity

sex doll experience store in the current legal policy is not yet a clear system of regulations, but in terms of adult products category, is clearly

The advertising is not allowed. Therefore, it is impossible to advertise with great fanfare, but only from the network to pull customers, through forums and other forms of communication, or adult store old customers share, unmanned vending store open screen advertising and other forms of pull store performance growth. Experience stores tend to old with new forms of development, so I believe that as long as the long-term serious business will be able to do more and more prosperous.

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