Sex Doll Video: American Dad Steve Found A Sex Doll

American Dad Steve Found A Sex Doll


did you put googly eyes on the lumbar

yeah I like to look someone in the eyes

as they clean for me it’s a power thing

gets me off no I just wanted some

chocolate they only sold them in that

box at Hersheypark you went to hershy

park without me yeah someone told me

about it it sounded cool that was me for

years I’ve been telling you I want to go

there well no I know why because that

place is awesome

milk chocolate world is great I loved

white world didn’t care so much for dark

world then fanzine look at me



I have not remotely understood one of

these Japanese games can we just play a

normal game right and go pay Barry No


what is that

she’s like a ball gag oh my god her

mouth opens are you guys thinking what

I’m thinking

boys you found Erica

mr. Yoshida can we borrow your mannequin

yes it’s a mannequin of course you boys

can use this mannequin Thanks is it

clean you know it’s not clean oh sorry I

started sleeping on my side so I need a

pillow between my legs right Stan I feel

like you’ve been taking me for granted

lately you take my pillow you go to

Hershey Park without me you always put

yourself first okay okay here’s what I’m

gonna do tomorrow morning you’ll be

served breakfast in bed like a queen or

a quadriplegic oh really

for really reals mm-hmm maybe I should

work up an appetite sorry I have to wake

up early tomorrow to make you breakfast

Oh spider bite it’s spider bites oh my

god it’s so itchy so itchy Jane Seymour

so got it okay this is the big scene

where the mannequin turns into a living

transvestite originally played by Kim

Cattrall and action you’re the first

thing I’ve ever created that really made

me feel like an artist you’re the dummy

cut awful the name’s iris Segal I

directed the episode of Sybil where

Christine Baranski sat on her balls

point is I can direct this thing look

how many pockets are on his jacket I

think we should let him do it I’ll

remake mannequin on one condition we

make it Goonies The Goonies why

look at you four fat nerdy smart-mouthed

Asian you guys are the Goonies what’s

turning a half for you with dirt and a

half for me it’s good enough that’s good

enough for me yeah yeah yeah yeah


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