Sex Doll Video: Marry His Blow Up Sex Doll After 8 Months Of Dating!

Professional Bodybuilder Decides To Marry His Blow Up Sex Doll After 8 Months Of Dating!

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engagement season is upon us people and

no one is immune

not even bodybuilders and their sex doll

girlfriends hi everyone it’s Javon

Howard on Instagram as at Devon Howard I

can’t believe I’m actually saying this

but an athlete is planning to wet his

blow-up doll I know you want the story

behind this so do me a favor and

subscribe tap the bell and give this

video a like yareta let’s go and his

girlfriend Margo recently got engaged

congratulations are in order for the

happy couple but there’s one thing to

note she’s not real she’s a blow-up doll

but URI treats her like she’s the real

deal he maintains an Instagram for her

found her some real friends and treats

her like an actual person

he even got her plastic surgery because

she apparently was self-conscious about

her looks I don’t know you guys I can’t

explain it this seems like it’s the

ultimate comedy routine the truest of

trolls but URI insists his heart is

actually in this relationship he says

that his fiance just recently got a job

at a bar she’s sassy with a tender heart

she can’t cook but loves Georgian

cuisine and she has a foul mouth but is

still very sweet

when you look at the captions he writes

for her he apparently also loves to make

her suffer from debilitating

insecurities he posted a photo of her

with her face buried in her hands crying

while wedding dress shopping because

she’s too fat dude she’s a doll a very

slim doll it’s all extremely confusing

and bizarre the two are planning on

making their television debut on a

Russian TV show called comedy club which

makes me think this is more gag than

reality but I guess we’ll see so my

friends if you’re out there swiping away

on tinder or hinge looking for the love

of your life remember love comes in all

shapes and sizes may be blow-up doll is

yours but really please don’t date a sex

doll please you guys alright Bumble fans

I know you have some thoughts about this

unusual relationship let me know in the

comments don’t forget to subscribe and

tap the bell i’m devin howard a real

live person reporting for the fumble

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