Sex Doll Video: Response- I am In a Deadbedroom and Bought a Sexdoll

Response- I am In a Deadbedroom and Bought a Sexdoll- My Wife is PISSED


nice boys

hey guys it’s undead chronic back again

with another video

this time it’s an update we all remember

the dude

who got a sex doll after his wife denied


sex for a long period of time

there was a man who did not get his nut

right he was trying to get his nut he

was searching

for the nut he was going around doing


being nice to his wife everything just

to obtain a singular nut yet despite all

this effort

his wife was cold and denied him sex so

he got a sex stall

and the wife lost her mind on reddit

that is the background to the story well

guess what guys we have the husband’s


so straight from the man bread-pilled

enough to buy a sex doll

in front of his wife let’s see what’s

actually happening update husband got a

sex doll

he says well it’s been rough but here

goes sometime yesterday or the day

before my wife posted a story about how

i got a sex doll because she didn’t have


and couldn’t bring herself to have sex

as often as i wanted

she posted it on four different subs

with her post here on relationship


garnering the most attention here’s what

actually happened

yes so this woman was looking for advice


her husband got a sex doll to replace

her because she wasn’t having sex with


so she wanted him to get rid of the sex

doll because it’s kind of living proof

you know

or non-living proof let me correct about

it that

she is not performing her wifely duties

i mean if you have to get a sex doll

your wife is useless now i understand

like maybe

you’re like 60 you just got like the the


triple ultra viagra pill okay cool yeah

i could see a need for that

or let’s say you you open the

communication for some reason you can’t

have as much sex as you want

and you could supplement it but that’s

completely different than this situation

in this situation this guy’s wife

doesn’t want to have sex with him

just because so he gets a sex doll

right so she posted this on a bunch of

different subreddits trying to get

attention and sympathy

and if you look at them she got roasted

on every single post because you know

blue pill or not

uh people recognize the injustice being

done against this man

and she did put it on one feminist sub

where they all you know

said go girl you do you sex dolls or

patriarchy such and such

but this is the man’s story let’s see

what he has to say he says firstly we

haven’t been married seven years i feel

this was a lie she told so she could

pass it off as a long relationship

we’ve been married for just four years

um it’s okay

is that a big deal four to seven yeah

i mean three another for him it is i

mean three years

is a lot of time to go without sex he

says when we first started dating her

sex drive was almost as high as mine

okay let me give you a little hint guys

a woman’s

sex drive she chooses what it is of

course when you start

dating it’s gonna be high sex drive

because you’re new

and interesting and you’re strange she

doesn’t know if you’re a bad boy or not

but once she got you locked down

once you gave her a ring and she knows

what’s going on

she doesn’t have to [ __ ] you anymore to

keep your attention or resources

so she won’t right

he says still wasn’t close but it wasn’t

this bad when we got married it was

still the same

after the second year she just suddenly

became more detached and less

affectionate okay

so she was had a high libido for one


and he’s been suffering for three what i

would tell this dude to move quicker

next time

he says she just suddenly became more

detached the sex was the only thing but

became telling when we only have sex

once a month

you’re only having sex once a month with

your wife and your

what a couple years into the marriage

that’s you’re signing up that’s a

lifetime right

there’s no excuse she’s only [ __ ] you

once a month within your first year of


that’s not going to get any better you

need to just get the annulment

right you know what you should do this

dude should go to the lawyers or go to

the judge or wherever the court

to get the annulment he should bring his

sex doll along with him

and he should like dress the sex doll up

in all of his wife’s best clothes

like gucci bag [ __ ] just just treat

the sex on you know if i could just rent

a convertible for a day

maybe get a rari put the sex doll on the

in the shotguns

drop to the court and wink at your wife

on the way out

you got too much fun with this he says i

asked her to go to therapy with me

she obliged after much convincing but

she barely made any progress we came to

a compromise with the therapist

where we would tab when we wanted to

have sex on a sort of wall note

and then the other person would have to

eventually answer this at their own time

and preference

if the tab remained on the wall longer

than a week then there would be a

penalty which is private

at this time i’m writing the post i have

about 17 unanswered tabs she just began

ignoring them

yeah because she can because she doesn’t

care about you

i mean that’s the red bill in this

situation this man needs to realize his

wife does not love him

his wife does not even care about him

his wife doesn’t care about him to

lay on the bed with her legs wide for 20

minutes at a time

more than once a month that’s just


absolutely useless like

the wifely duty the wifely job whatever

you want to describe it in

whatever context right either

conservative or new age whatever

this woman isn’t living up to it she’s

useless throw her out

divorce yeah it’s gonna cost a lot but

i mean your freedom’s worth more than

that buddha

he says so what happened was i came to

her and told her that if she wasn’t

interested in sleeping with me

i might as well get get divorced now

here’s the tricky part

she’s an immigrant of course she got her

green card through me

as at when i told her i’d forgotten that

she would need me to renew it she broke

down in a crying fit and begged me to


no no no she’s there crying in front of

you because she’s upset she’s gonna get

kicked out of america

well you want to be you want to have a

green card

you want to live in the beautiful land

of the free

here is the cost immigrant wife to live

in america you have to suck american

dick and you’re not

doing it so get back on the plane and go

back to where the [ __ ] you went came

from and maybe

you can no i can’t really say you can

go back in the dating game because we

all know um

what conservative cultures do or how

they view women who are promiscuous

and divorcees they’re pretty red pilled

on it

he said she broke down a crying bed me

to reconsider she told me that she was

just going through a lot and she didn’t

want to talk about it

[ __ ] you make her talk about it

right there you say nope tell me about

it right now

or i will get a divorce today i felt bad

and i told her it was fine and i still

loved her oh he sent

out guys look

when a woman is crying you do not know

what she is thinking in her head

a woman could be crying her eyes out so

sad you just want just a biological urge

to help

and what she’s thinking on the inside is

just a few more tears

and this symp will bend backwards and i

will get to walk

all over him again for the next couple

months and that’s exactly what happened

in this situation

she cried he said it was fine he still

loved her however that when i decided to

get the sex doll okay

so he got a sex doll

avoid a divorce so his immigrant wife

who wasn’t having sex with him and was

abusing him

could be happy in stan states no i’m not

a fan

uh she needs to leave what is it uh get

out no what was a trump

the trump one they need to leave i think

of a trump phrase anyhow well let’s just

build a wall

and we keep sextiles on the inside and

the woman who are

cold in bed and cold and heartless to

their husbands

they can get deported that’s what we

should do instead of deporting illegals

we should just deport women who don’t

have sex with their husbands

i would support that absolutely i would

maybe we could send them all to europe

and then they could enjoy the cc over

there and really get their you know

their wild oats out but they’re not

coming back

he says i regret not telling her before

i did it i honestly do

but her follow-up reactions made me lose

all form of regret she got mad and told

me to get rid of it and get a fleshlight

um i would just no no you were supposed

to be my fleshlight

you were supposed to be this this woman

doesn’t realize

she was supposed to be the solution to

any and every sexual problem that that

man had

when they got married she refuses to

take care of it

so why should she have a say about how

they do it

right it’s like you you tell your you

tell your brother it’s like hey

you got to mow the yard today he says no

he starts crying and throwing your feet

like okay i’ll do it and so you go out

to the yard

and you start doing it in circles he

says no you gotta do it like a square

shut up shut the [ __ ] up unless you want

to come out here

and ride this lawn mower in this case

the lawnmower being the

member of the husband uh you don’t get

to tell me how i get to fix my problem

so nope i can see why this guy is

nowhere remorse

she told me i was just uh see she began

telling her friends that i’m a loser who

needs a sex doll

oh my oh i gotta go back to this he she

says she told me it was like a real

human being and i was cheating on her

with it

oh my goodness i could not i could not

be in the situation guys

i brutus listen i could not be in this

man situation

and not have the time of my life now you

might be thinking who would want to be

married to him who doesn’t [ __ ] him

i would have so much fun look at this

she says he’s

cheating on her with it i would if i was

this dude i wouldn’t even be having sex

with a sex doll i would be sneaking it

out on dates to olive garden


i would be taking on romantic walks i

would take it on a beach vacation

and my wife can stay at home i would

honestly just

switch the role of wife and sex dog like

hey um

what you think i’m cheating on the sex

doll we’ll switch this up

my sex doll is not my wife and you’re my

sex doll so when you want to have sex

just let me know if it doesn’t have to

do with that don’t talk to me

now me and becca i think i’m going to

name her becca we’re going to go out

to a baseball game and enjoy the town

just to see your reaction maybe it’s

because i’m just a troll at heart

he said she began telling her friends

that i’m a loser who needs a sex doll

the proper response to that is you told

her friends

that she is a how do you say it she is a

cold woman

who refuses to have sex with her husband

so i would just call her useless

she’s a useless wife that’s it yeah but

you got to really tailor your insults i

don’t know these people but

if she’s telling people that you’re a

loser who needs a sex doll she’s really

trying to

demasculate you right uh take away your


you just need to find what she takes and

values and take it away from her

and the only thing that she values that

this man gives her is a green card

so he needs to take away her green card

by divorcing her

he said she showed me her friend’s

opinions and they mostly sided with her

i told her they were biased yeah i love

it when a girl tells me oh all my

friends thinks x y and z

it’s like okay you realize on the list

of people whose opinions i

actually take into consideration


becca carly and bianca

in the iphone group chat calling me a

[ __ ] boy i don’t care

okay they’re all useless i i don’t care

about your friends

i i don’t your friend’s opinions on what

i should do to please you

should be kept in their mouth now if

they want to trade those opinions out

we have to put something else in their

mouth so you can invite them

over and we could solve all these

problems in one

quick two-hour session camera’s



he says she comes to me the next day

telling me a bunch of internet strangers

on her relationship forum

agree with her and that i’m being a

misogynistic pig

i would say yes yes honey i am a

misogynistic pig

that’s why we should divorce and you

should take your ass back to whatever

third world [ __ ]

you came from i asked to see the form

and she tells me she logs out of the

account and forgot her password i told

her my mind is made up

she comes to me with the i know you’re

doing this to get me to sleep with you

and that’s sexual coercion

look at this they’re talking about

sexual coercion

how ridiculous is it this dude tries

so hard to have a healthy sexual

relationship with his wife

he takes her to therapy he buys her

gifts he gets her a green card

he probably tried to do anything and

everything that she wanted to do

sexually because he would do it to get

that nut

instead she kept on saying no no no

no no so he said you know what i’m going

to replace you with a better model i’m

getting a sex doll

and now this feminist comes out because

she posted on the feminist subreddit and

they all railed against me said men are

evil men are pigs

sex dolls are patriarchy blah blah blah

uh re i’m a little piglet please feed me

more trans fats

so i could die faster from a heart

attack uh you know typical feminist

feminist language uh and now she’s

spewing it at him i’ll tell you what

if this is this is non-negotiable boys

if anybody in my personal life

uses feminist language to attack me

they’re getting cut out immediately

right you could be friends with a

feminist that’s not a big deal but if

they use the feminist

religion to attack you they’re declaring

you an enemy and they’re declaring

themselves a fighter

or a feminist piglet warrior in the

culture war

you need to cut them out they call you

misogynistic pig

ghost them they say the words white


ghostum toxic masculinity

ghostum all these things are instant


from the boy chronic apparently

something on twitter

made about how a boyfriend kept begging

his girlfriend for sex blew up

and the commenters about how wrong and

at sexual coercion and rape

yeah if trying to convince your wife

to fulfill her marital duties is sexual

coercion and rape

we need to make this a lot like make it

completely legal

if you ever ask it’s if you ask your

wife for sex

and she doesn’t want it that’s illegal

how do you know

you don’t well you do if you’re chat

right this is the thing

uh if you’re a chad and you ask for sex

and she doesn’t want it that’s cool no i

don’t you know here’s my number whatever

but if you’re unattractive or you’re

some blue-pilled husband you ask for sex

that’s sexual coercion oh rape

quickly the patriarchy is just

suppressing me i need to call all the

white cops with guns

so they’ll come save me because they are


white night piglets too i’m telling you


that’s the thing about chronic and

conservatives they just want to like

suck cop dick 24 7. um

i know what cops do they do good stuff

they do bad stuff

they also like to beat the [ __ ] out of

men who are accused

of anything from a woman right so no

the whole worship the ground cops walk

on that’s

a gynocentric ploy

from the neocons so you gotta avoid that


let’s go back he says when she was gone

i logged onto her computer to see if i

could actually check what she posted

when i stumbled upon her reddit i’m done

founded hear me out i know it’s wrong

for me to snoop but she posted the

altered version of our story on four

different boards

with the only one agreeing with her

being the radical feminist gender


she has probably deleted the post now

but i saved the links and i think the

one she posted on am i the [ __ ] makes

a copy of the original message

here are the posts so he shows all the

posts she made because she again

i want attention i want validation and

if you look at all the posts the one

that she really um

engaged with the most was the gender

critical one because they’re all patting

her on the back they say yes go you go

you go you

you think you’d learn but you know a

woman who doesn’t understand why her


wants a sex doll when she’s denying him


isn’t one particularly capable of

learning i would assume

he said when i confronted her about it

she went into a rage

on how i’m an [ __ ] for invading her

privacy and how i should really consider

her feelings let’s stop there

so it’s okay for this woman

to tell all of her friends that her

husband is a

loser who needs a sex doll but as soon

as her husband

discovers she’s talking some [ __ ] behind

his back

you invaded my privacy you’re an [ __ ]

honestly if i was this dude i would just

post pictures on all the subs like

respond to every post

just a selfie a meme in my hands i’m

like hey this is how wide her [ __ ] is

because she’s so useless and used up you


just just cause you know you could talk

some [ __ ] i talk some [ __ ] right

okay that was fine what really pissed me

off to no ends was this okay so she

posted another post

right this one you guys are gonna get

pissed at this

let’s see what she said she asked would

i be able

to get my husband to leave me alone if i

hit him

with a sexual coercion charge and face

no repercussions

she’s like can i charge my husband with

sexual coercion

and um we’re cool like our

relationship’s cool right like

i’m so cool being married to you even

though i try to get the cops to arrest


you might you know if she gets this

husband like let’s say she

reports sexual coercion right

she’s basically gonna say he’s trying to

rape her

because she keeps on using rape and

sexual coercion very together right

so the husband go to jail for a night

and get sexually assaulted so this

woman’s like can i just

send my man to jail can i just bring the

cops into this relationship

can i just bring the government with the


of violence into my loving relationship

and expect

nothing to change this is how stupid

this broad is

what can i can i charge my husband with

a crime

and face no repercussions oh my goodness

this is just

yeah so yeah imagine seeing that you see

your wife posting hey

um could i or even a girl posting about


can i accuse ex

of sexual assault and not face every

repercussion i would be good i’ll be so

out i’d be so out let’s see what he did

he says that was her burner account she

made apparently she was trying to get me

hit with a rape charge

she actually twisted her [ __ ] to see

if i could be charged with something

i didn’t go i didn’t do i didn’t

okay let’s repeat this she actually

twisted her [ __ ] to see if i could

be charged with something i didn’t do

to get me to leave her alone and still

retain her green card

as of now i have contacted my lawyer and

she no longer lives in my house

send her back send her back i just kind

of want to know what country she came

from but honestly

um i could see it from any country right


any entitled woman could do this

what a minefield well you know what


he doesn’t throw out his sex doll and he

learns a little bit

maybe he read some comments about red


but who knows right it’s been undead

chronic guys

take it easy a world where freedom

itself is under attack


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