Sex Doll Video: So many Asian men are abandoning women to buy sex dolls


sup this Alex true come here was another

episode this episode a little being

single and living with a sex doll or

something I don’t know oh really right

now the subject to talk about yeah I

know I could talk about like I don’t

know Donald Trump or protests and snot

still not ending but I don’t know anyway

just want to tell you before I talk

about the sex dolls okay I want to tell

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bottom lease which they’d recently i

watch a lot of videos right lots of

Japanese videos a lot of Japanese girls

are complaining right now there’s a lot

of there’s a group of people in Japan

they’re you know they’re make Tallis

okay and make how they call this social

k these group of men they they don’t

they don’t really take girls anymore

they just stay home they play games play

video games you know and they a lot of

them they just they don’t even work

full-time jobs anymore they just they

just work part-time job see back in the

day so everybody has a full-time job

right in Japan you have to work like six

days a week right right now a lot of you

a lot of Japanese young men they’re

getting smarter they only work like

three days a week you know and then uh

they say fall they’re the rest of your

energy stay home play video games go

online they don’t date anymore no III

understand how they feel

because I mean if you could if you could

just buy a sex doll ray and a sex dolls

they’re really cheap they’re from China

nowadays their life they’re like was six

hundred some dollars some I’m just some

dollars shipped to your door especially

its when it’s made in China you know see

back in the days when sex dolls were

made and made of silicon they’re from

the United States they were very

expensive they’re like five thousand to

six thousand dollars and now everybody

can buy a sex doll with five hundred and

six hundred dollars shipped to your door

and you know they have owned it no no I

heard I’d to have new options like jelly

breasts you know they used to have a

hollow breast and jelly breast is even

more who are realistic but it wastes a

little more it wastes a little more you

know and then they have like you can

back in the days the shoulder cannot

bend right now the sex dolls he could

bid the shoulder and asked shoulder


that’s like movable shoulder blade you

could bent bent the shoulder that the

hand could go all the way like this

[ __ ] incredible man they have lots of

new new features they have like hand

bones they happen they have articulated

finger bones stuff like that you know

it’s incredible man and I don’t know I

can’t really tell the difference I mean

except Mike’s my sex dolls are kind of

code like maybe later on I buy a new

newer bottle there you can heat up the

body from inside out oh the the sex doll

maker all they have to do was put in

electric coil inside a body right and

you can heat the doll from inside out

then it it becomes more realistic you

know but I don’t see the difference

between a woman in a sex doll you know

if you if you only want if you want to

if you only want a woman for sex I don’t

see what’s the difference you know I

tell you what’s the difference the

difference is it’s a lot more quiet you

don’t have people nagging at you all the

time you know see back in the days I had

pretty girlfriend and I have ugly

girlfriends right pretty girlfriend is

like she’s all

she always thinks that you’re not good

enough she always wants to she always

wants to dump you she was she threatens

to dump you and look for somebody else

if you have a wife she would do the same

thing if she would say what would I

marry you for you know I want you to be

a man I want you to go out there and

look for a better job and stuff like

that and you don’t you know you know you

don’t heap heard what learning she

she’ll dump you shall take half of your

house half of your 401k you know take

your savings maybe take your take your

children and and look go look for her

real man you know so I never got marry

so I don’t have to go through that you

know and and when you have an ugly

girlfriend what happened is she’s always


she’s always suspicious you know she’s

like you hang out with her buddy she

when you come back home all she does is

bury you with questions you no questions

asked her a question oh who do you who

did you go out with how come you and

your your friend you guys so how come

you guys are so close are you guys gays

you know it’s like ugly girls she’s

always very suspicious and as she’s like

sometimes you know they will follow you

think they they will [ __ ] follow you

around they would drive you drive around

to follow you and [ __ ] you know or I

have I have a girl life you know stop

her car you know like drive try to my my

house and just basically sleep and sleep

inside her car right if I my house I

know she’s there I mean I can see it you

know but stuff like that it’s just very

annoying you know when you have ugly

girls she’s very jealous and so she’s

always very suspicious if you have a hot

girl you know she just want to dump you

she just wanted to dump you and look for

Reacher man so it’s like that’s the

reason why I think sex doll is the best

because sex dolls she’s not jealous

she doesn’t have any feeling she doesn’t

give a [ __ ] see my sex doll don’t care

if I buy another sex doll right I have a

white sex star by myself with black sex

doll I buy myself an Asian though she

doesn’t care

I could bind many many heads I don’t

like your head you know during sex oh I

don’t like your head switch her head put

on another head she doesn’t care

I don’t like your wig pull out her wig

put on the another wig she don’t care

but when you’re when you’re having sex

as a real girl he can’t do that right

you cannot tell her to listen I don’t

like your hair you know I want you to

put on weight you know she she doesn’t

you can’t do stuff like that right and

then sex doll she never gets never gets

fat never grow old you know so as long

as you take care of it you know after

you finish using it you bend her back to

the rig

normal position and put on the floor see

the Chinese tp’ed already you could just

like you could just lay her on the floor

and then you Wow she’ll she’ll keep her

you can she you can maintain her like

that for 10 years 20 years 30 years and

thaw will never break you know yeah I’ll

never change shape as long as you after

finish using just been Hall or her lake

straight and just lay her on the floor

you know so I don’t know man

I see why a lot of especially Japanese

man Korean man Oh Korean girls are

really mean you know I see why the

Korean men are abandoning women they

just buy sex dolls Japanese too you know

they just [ __ ] because it’s like I

don’t see why if you if you especially

nowadays there’s microwave right there’s

a lot of instant noodles you don’t need

someone to cook for you you know that’s

[ __ ] you don’t need you don’t need

someone to wash her clothes because

there’s laundry machine right so what do

you want what do you want a woman at

home for it right if the woman grows old

and ugly

she becomes jealous she becomes very

suspicious you know ask you a whole

bunch of [ __ ] questions all the time

you know and then if a woman is too hot

for you then she sauce always

threatening you always you know

threatening you telling you that you’re

not good enough you don’t do this you

don’t do that she’s gonna leave you [ __ ]

all that I just say you know what leave

go ahead I just I got myself a plastic

sex dolls

I don’t care anyway

um leave a comment you know tell me what

you think I guess I see you guy in the

next episode

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