Sex dolls may be constrained by the “visual law” to prevent them from looking too real

Imagine that when you imagine a sex doll, the image of a rough inflatable doll may come to mind.
But sex doll is becoming more and more real – so that some experts claim that there should be “visual rules” to restrict their development in appropriate places.



Dr. Ian Pearson, a futurist, said that such a law could prevent companion robots from looking too realistic. The reason may be the panic brought by the robot threat theory and the fear Valley theory. In an online interview with the Daily Star, Dr. Pearson said: “it is possible (we do not know the difference), but regulation may force some visible differences to become obvious.”
For example, Dr. Pearson suggests that companion robots can have bright blue eyes, subtly indicating that they are not human in some intuitive details. He added that this judgment seemed reasonable for a variety of reasons, even if technology allowed it not to do so.
Just a few days before Dr. Pearson put forward this proposal, brick, a companion robot expert, claimed that 5g network would make companion robots so lifelike that we could not distinguish them from humans. He explained: “at any time, you can get more stable information flow from software to hardware activation, and you will get better synchronization and smoother and more realistic motion from hardware. This is the key to synthetic evolution. It is not just motion, but motion like humans, even to the extent that it is indistinguishable from human beings.”
“Once it finally gets on the synthetic device, it will only use Wi Fi to connect to the network to get information.”
“I think this will happen once it becomes mobile and carries its own power battery. It will all be forcibly connected to the body and head, and it will no longer need carrier signals.
“Sometimes signals may be used to update AI, and 5g will help in this regard.”

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