The surge in love dolls is attracting attention.

The surge in love dolls has caught people’s attention. There is very weak evidence that Dutchwives existed during the Mughal period. The Dutch were once masters of the sea, and their sailors might have to leave the sea for months at a time.





















































To keep their sailors happy, the captains helped them lose their sperm, so they gave out love dolls, called Dutch wives, to their sailors.

The Japanese then became aware of this development and soon became users and manufacturers of the Daichi Wife – I remember seeing a Japanese film in the 1960s where the protagonist made a living from a customised Dutch wife.

For several years it was legal to legally buy and own a love doll and use it according to privacy requirements. They could buy them in sex shops or even order them from online.

But who can stop the evolution? A recent case in the UK involved a man who imported a metre-tall Dutch wife, said to be a child. He said he was a loner and only wanted a partner.

Are you a pervert? Some believe that providing paedophiles with child love dolls is a safe way of preventing them from harming real children, while others take the opposite view, arguing that such fantasies encourage criminal behaviour.

Psychologists have compared it to the use of methadone to treat drug users.

Another development is the provision of love dolls to customers in special brothels where people can rent a Dutch wife and spend time with it. They exist in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Spain.

Oddly enough, the French are slow to opt for this. Until recently, Mr. Muller did not see this gap being bridged. He opened a business where bettors can book a course online, pay about €100 and get a secret address.

Here his silicone love dolls will last an hour. Some feminists and their allies are now fighting this and the Security Council will debate and legislate.

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