Tips for raising the eyelashes of love dolls

After a few months of using the love doll, you may notice that your eyelashes fall out. This can be easily corrected manually. The manufacturer only uses false lashes and soft gel, which will one day fall out. This prevents damage to the silicone or TPE, so that the lashes curl upwards and enhance your big, crisp eyes. However, many people may have trouble getting the hang of raising their lashes neatly and may find it difficult to do so.









1. a box of false eyelashes (eyelashes can be purchased from cosmetics shops. Prices range from tens to hundreds of dollars. Of course, the higher the quality, the higher the price)

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2. eyelash glue

3. eyelash curlers (if eyelash curler tweezers are not available, other tweezers can be used)

4. special eyelash glue (glue is for skin and eyelashes only) Do not use other types of glue. They may damage the love doll and the eyelashes.


How do I place the eyelashes?

First, you need to clean the dust off. Set the lashes in place using lash tweezers and wait for the adhesive to dry in place. Once in place, you can adjust the length of the lashes with scissors. Now it’s time to put your make-up skills to the test and reapply your eye make-up with your favourite eyeliner!

False eyelashes_Love doll lashes going up

Conclusion After placing the new lashes, you can redo the look with eyeliner. Only use cosmetic adhesives. Do not use adhesives such as 502 instant glue. They may damage the skin of the love doll.

The eyelash style can be changed at any time. In this case, reusable lashes are required.

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