TPE sex doll dyed color how to do? This trick is easy to solve

Seeing stains appear on your TPE sex doll is never a pleasant experience. As we have explained on many occasions, handling and using a sex doll requires many precautions to be taken.

These precautions can be difficult for beginners to follow. But more experienced users may also make mistakes. A more common mistake is dyeing! Usually caused by dyes in clothing, this stain seems to be permanent, which fortunately is not the case.

This short tutorial will explain how to easily solve this problem.

Step 1: Purchase a box of stain removal cream for TPE.

It is highly recommended to purchase a stain removal cream for TPE dolls before they appear stained. This is because you can clean the operation faster and easier during the initial staining. Most TPE sex doll stores can buy stain removal cream. Of course the main thing is that I recommend using certified and compliant dealer products to avoid causing any accidents. Our much-loved dolls shouldn’t have any damage from products that don’t meet safety and security requirements, should they?

Step 2: Shake quickly and thoroughly

To work effectively, you will need cotton swabs in addition to TPE stain removal cream.


– 1. Slightly dip the swab in water and stir into the TPE stain remover paste to form a paste.

– 2. apply the paste stirred into a paste directly on the stain of the TPE doll’s skin.

– 3. wait patiently for the stain remover to react on the stain, usually for 3-5 hours.

– 4. use a clean cloth to wipe away the stain remover paste left on the skin of the sex doll.

When using thick enough your sex doll’s skin discoloration or deep? Do not panic! Cleaning stains requires a lot of patience. If the stain is still there, you just need to repeat each of the above steps several times.














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