WM DOLLS Brand introduction

Brand introduction.
The headquarters factory of WM DOLLS is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. It is one of the earliest companies in China to produce and sell love dolls. At the time of its establishment, it gathered the best love doll designers and production experts.






































With 10 years of development, it has now become the largest and most technologically advanced TPE love doll manufacturer in China. The product market is mainly aimed at overseas markets, so the dolls are mostly plump styles that foreigners like. Currently, WM Doll is the most famous manufacturer of the world’s largest love doll forum, TDF, and is well known in English-speaking countries such as the USA and the UK.
In accordance with the diligence of manufacturing and processing technology, WM Doll’s love dolls for the Asian market are also quite excellent. The quality is known by those who have bought them. If you must look for one drawback of this brand, it is that the price is comparatively high. It is much cheaper than Orient Industries, but twice as expensive as the products of other TPE love doll manufacturers in China.

Authorised distributorship
www.hiasu.com is a highly specialised love doll vendor in the world. We finally obtained the official distribution rights for wmdolls after many negotiations with the Jin San factory. We are now one of wmdolls’ overseas distributors. The wmdolls products we sell can be verified for authenticity with Jin San’s counterfeit verification code and are covered by Jin San’s gift campaign and after-sales service. We run discount promotions on wmdolls products on an irregular basis. We wish you a great shopping experience and use of our website.

WMDOLLS love dolls is one of the world famous love doll brands and one of the top love doll manufacturers in China.

High quality
WMDOLLS mainly produces high-quality TPE love dolls, all of which have a metal skeleton. You can combine options according to your preferences. Hair style, skin colour, warmth function, independent function, etc.

Each love doll looks like a real woman and we are confident that you will be satisfied. We are also an authorised distributor of the WM brand, certified by WM DOLLS, so all WM dolls are genuine. We are confident in our quality and service.

Recommended products
Office Lady: breathtaking aesthetics of this adult sex doll made of TPE. It is shaped from a truly modern and sexy female face and body. With its flexible and resistant metal frame, three surreal sexual orifices and soft, almost real skin, you will be seduced by its natural allure. Inspired by the beauty of Asian women, MILF love dolls are very popular with all lovers of the genre.

158 cm.

Elves: elves are otherworldly fairies, their ears are different from those of humans and horns are seen. They are small in stature, low and very pretty. ElfRuff dolls are dolls made with an elf theme. Of course, depending on the case, you can choose each part of the elf sex doll. Order one now and start enjoying the elf life to the fullest!

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